Design change

This is not a quite new design. I have just made small updates to make the app easier to use.
Changes are:

  • Rectangular windows. No more round corners
  • The app header is smaller
  • A new window set at the bottom of the map.
  • A fullscreen button. On Internet Explorer and Opera, you still need to press F11 to go fullscreen
  • With the d, you change the display mode. There are 3 modes :
    • Normal: the default one when the app starts
    • Without windows bar (the green bars)
    • Without controls (ex: the zoom bar of Google Maps)

On this screenshot, you can see the main changes in red:



Successive press on the ‘d’ key changes the display mode:

newUI2-display-normal Normal
newUI2-display-without-bars Without green bars
newUI2-display-without-controls Without controls: no more maps source selector on the map. + & – buttons have disappeared on the graph.



Route calculation and Drag&Drop to save track

This video shows features added in Jan/Feb. Even if you don’t speak French, you can see:

    • 0:09: The search field
    • 0:35: Route calculation by walk on hiking trails. It is also possible to do route calculation for car or bike (Thanks Google!).
    • 1:34: Elevation retrieval when editing the track (Thanks MapQuest!)
    • 2:22: Quick save of track file by drag&drop.
      Very quick and useful but it works only with Chrome.

Be aware there is a known small bug with drag&drop in Chrome: if you start dragging the track and stop the action very quickly (few tenths of a second after), all opened Chrome applications are frozen. This issue occurs in every web apps that uses this technique (ex: GMail with an attached file).
The bug is filed here. Do not hesitate to “star” the bug to make Google fix it.

Why this blog?

The goal of this blog is to give me tools to better communicate on MyGPSFiles :) .

Currently, the MyGPSFiles website contains only 3 pages: one page for the appĀ (/app), one description/doc page in English (/en) and the equivalent page written in French (/fr).

The description page is quite compact. I do not want to write on the MGF’s life on it.
I provide some information on the Facebook page.
Facebook is useful. Nothing to install. People are automatically notified about news. But the post format is quite limited. Moreover, information gets lost in the timeline and we cannot rely on Google to find it.

This blog will help me to communicate with more details.

I still use Facebook & Twitter. They are the 2 communication channels you can use for feedback, bugs or improvement requests.