Route calculation and Drag&Drop to save track

This video shows features added in Jan/Feb. Even if you don’t speak French, you can see:

    • 0:09: The search field
    • 0:35: Route calculation by walk on hiking trails. It is also possible to do route calculation for car or bike (Thanks Google!).
    • 1:34: Elevation retrieval when editing the track (Thanks MapQuest!)
    • 2:22: Quick save of track file by drag&drop.
      Very quick and useful but it works only with Chrome.

Be aware there is a known small bug with drag&drop in Chrome: if you start dragging the track and stop the action very quickly (few tenths of a second after), all opened Chrome applications are frozen. This issue occurs in every web apps that uses this technique (ex: GMail with an attached file).
The bug is filed here. Do not hesitate to “star” the bug to make Google fix it.

5 thoughts on “Route calculation and Drag&Drop to save track

  1. Bonjour,

    Tres pratique le calcul de route en voiture pourpreparer ses vacances. Mais petit problème pour sauvegarder les traces sur Mac avec Safari ou Firefox, cliquer sur l icone de disquette ne fait rien. Je ne peux pas sauver ma trace. Je ne vois pas de pré-requis. Flash et Java ne sont pas installés.



    • Bonjour,

      Effectivement, il manque Flash dans les prérequis. C’est le seul moyen pour sauvegarder un fichier créé par le navigateur WEB sans passer par un serveur.
      Il faut que je remonte l’erreur quelque part à l’utilisateur.


  2. Hello,

    When I drag a gpx file onto the website, it presents it correctly on the map but it displays an incorrect length for the file. I have tried a few files and it seems to list the file 4-5 times its actual length.

  3. Hello,
    After being uploaded to my gps-device, my tracks are always called Newtrack.gpx, even after having changed the name in the downloads folder to the name that I want. For example: I download the track, I change the name to biketrip.gpx, I copy it to my gps-device, I uncouple the device from the computer, I start up the device, and I only see NewTrack on the device.
    We want to do a trekking of 12 days end of July, so very annoying to have 12 time NewTrack on the gps device :-( . Any suggestion to solve this problem? Can I change the name of the track on the mypgsfiles-website already?

    Best regards,

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